Estimados, les queremos extender una invitación a participar del coloquio científico que tendrá como invitado especial  a David Reitze, Director Ejecutivo de LIGO.

Día: jueves 16 de noviembre a las 11 hrs.
Lugar: Auditorio Alamiro Robledo, Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas
Speaker: David Reitze, Director Ejecutivo LIGO
Título: Exploring the Gravitational Wave Universe with LIGO and Virgo

Abstract: The recent discoveries of gravitational waves from binary black hole and neutron star mergers have truly profound implications for physics and astronomy.
Gravitational waves provide unique information about the most energetic astrophysical events, revealing insights into the nature of gravity, matter, space, and time.
LIGO has opened a new window onto the cosmos. In this colloquium, I’ll cover gravitational waves and what makes them so difficult to detect and at the same timesuch powerful and unique probes of the universe.
Most of the presentation will focus on the interferometers, the LIGO detections and their astrophysical implications.
Time permitting, I’ll give a preview of where LIGO intends to go in the next decade and beyond.

Los esperamos!